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No Kennels. No Stress. Just Love!

Safety, Comfort, and Peace of Mind for You. 

Cuddles, Fun and Games for your Dog. 

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WMDC Licence # LN/000000947

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We know the sadness when leaving pets

whilst holidaying abroad,

So recently decided to open our home,

as the cost of pet care has soared.

We ask you to come for a visit,

a couple of times, to see

If your pet will be content with us.

My husband Mike, and me.

We hope that you choose Woofs and Walks -

you can vet us too.

You know that they'll be happy,

and if they are, so are you!

You love your dogs and they love you,

and you want the best for them.

Kennels can be a depressing, traumatic experience,

as it was for Dunlop, our very much missed

Jack Russell terrier (and Heidi - see photos)

so we have set up Woofs & Walks, our aim being,

NOT to let it happen to any other dogs,

who have loving owners!

There is a great itinerary lined up for your pet.

Home comforts which include:

  1. Bedroom awaiting your loved one. Either bring their own bed, or we can provide one (in any case, we ask you to bring an old jumper with your smells on it to be a comfort blanket)
  2. Mealtimes taken with us. Toilet breaks either day or night, are taken in our regularly cleaned small, but secure, landscaped garden.
  3. Walks in the large local public parks or local woods.
  4. Lots of playtimes, either with their own toys from home or they will be provided (and they are sterilised after each dogs stay), dog friendly bubble chasing, indoor balloon chasing, and exiting games of hide and seek for treats. The evenings are spent with us on the sofa while watching TV, while ears are tickled and tummies rubbed!
  5. They will have 2 long walks per day, after breakfast, after lunch - this being the long one with playtime in the park, and a short one before bedtime. Paws are checked and dried after each walk. If you specify more walks than the offer, there will be an additional cost of £6, per day, per walk.
  6. If you wish, for an additional cost, there is a dog swimming pool at Pontefract and Barnsley both 1/2 hour travel away and we are happy to take them as part of their stay. However, you have to register your dog with them initially, and then have agreement from the facility for us to take them there.
  7. We also do Pet / House sitting and comfort / walking visits.
*2020/2021 Terms and Conditions apply.
We are experienced dog owners and offer our services to anyone who live in, or may be wanting to visit, the Yorkshire area, but cannot have the pet stay with them.

No other dogs are boarded at the same time as yours. Only one booking per week/fortnight/length of stay. Our rates are reasonable, and give discounts for more than one pet from the same family.

For walking/playing in public, all dogs are kept on short, then extension leads. Should you wish them to walk, or play off lead, (in parks/woods only) we require written instruction / permission from you.  For dogs who pull on a neck lead, we will use a www.walkyourdogwithlove.com harness that will stop pulling and give the dog a happier experience of boarding. 

Terms for Council Licence means that banned breeds cannot be boarded with us.

If you like what you see so far, please don't hesitate to contact us for further details, either by email or phone, and we look forward to meeting you with your puppies (they never grow up!) when we come for our meet and greet visit, where we will ascertain  responses, behaviour, etc, prior to acceptance for boarding.

Very best wishes, Catrina & Mike.